The site in the south of The Netherlands, on a motorway crossing close to Germany and Belgium is the central location for a new typology: a 150.000 m2 indoor retail and leisure centre with and a 150.000 m2 indoor car park. The building is set as a castle in a park of 25 hectare. This landscape park is a combination of outdoor leisure and retail functions, designed as part of the experience. The building is organized as a double spiral, where retail floors and parking floors are stacked around a central court. In this way, the flow of people and cars are interwoven into one single system.

Program: 150.000 m2 retail centre, 150.000 m2 parking, 25 hectare park
Client: MAB Developers
Status: Development study 2006

In collaboration with Paul Van Beek, Ronald Rietveld and Arne Meys